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Maths Week 2016

Maths fun in 6th class. Lots of team work and fun playing Fraction Bingo, Place Value games and Tables games.

abc d e f h i j



Maths Week 2016 is in full  swing here at Monagea National School. Here are some moments captured by Ms Daly’s maths groups.

Here are Ms Heffernan’s  2nd class group playing ‘Go Fish’, ‘Dominos’ and ‘Three in a Row’. Who knew maths could be such fun?

claire-1 claire-3 claire-4 claire-5 claire-6  claire-8


Maths Week Activities in Ms Collins’ Senior Infants Class

img_3996-1 img_3997-1 img_3998 img_3999-1 img_4001 img_4003