Discover Primary Science and Maths 2017


This year has seen some  incredible science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) work happening in our school as we work together  in the hope of attaining an award for Excellence in Discover Primary Science and Maths.  Through this process, as well as recognition of the student’s and teacher’s hard work, the Award brings a range of benefits; it provides a structure for science, technology, engineering and maths work, raises the profile of science in our school and among parents and increases whole school collaboration.

There are a number of steps we have been working through in order to be eligible for this award.

Step 1 Science

  • Below are powerpoints created to provide  evidence of the children engaging in 6 hands-on science investigations in school (indoors or outdoors). Please click the links below to see the science investigations being carried out at various class levels from Senior Infants to 6th class.

Senior Infants  – Ms Collins –  Materials

First Class – Ms Morris – Living Things

Second Class – Ms Heffernan – Materials

Third Class – Ms Murray – Environmental Awareness and Care

Fourth/Fifth Class – Ms Fitzgerald – Energy and Forces

Fifth and Sixth Class – Mrs Collins – Environmental Awareness and Care

  • We also had a Forensic Scientist Jason O Malley come and visit the school this year. During his visit he told us all about internet safety. Please click the link below to read more.
  • Children of a Digital Age
  • Also during Science Week 2016 on 14th November, 3rd and 4th class attended an event in the Lime Tree Theatre in Limerick called ‘Fantastic Physics’. Here are some photographs of written student accounts by Anna and Rosemary of the day and some photographs of the event itself.

Step 2 Technology (ICT)


  • We needed to Provide evidence of how the children used technology as part of their school work.
  • Please click the link below to see evidence of where we held a skype interview with a Scientist Aileen Gallagher. She is Mrs Fitzgerald’s sister and is working as a scientist in a medical devices company in Galway called Veryan.
  • Skype interview with Scientist
  • Some of the students in Mrs Collins’ 5th and 6th class also created their own powerpoints recounting their trip to a local recycling centre. Click the links below to view their powerpoints.

Our visit to the recycling centre Ronan O Sullivan and cathal Mc Carthy

Presentation by Jack Nash Culhane and Liam Scanlan

Trip To The Recycling Centre by Jennifer Geary and Eugene Monaghan 

Below are photographs of the students hard at work creating their powerpoints














  • Below are some photographs of junior classes using maths apps on ipads to develop numeracy skills.


Step 3 Engineering


For this step we needed to provide evidence of how children investigated engineering in class or in the local area.

  • Please click the link below to a powerpoint of 5th and 6th classes account of a visit to a local recycling centre. Included are some photos of the day.





















    • Please click the links below to view some  powerpoints created by 6th class children recounting their visit and what they learned.



  • Also, for this step Ms Murray’s third class too part in a Design and make activity i.e making models (exploring, planning, designing, making, evaluating). Click the link below to see the class designing and making their own bridges using a variety of materials. Please click the link below to view third classes work for this step.

Third Class Dpsm bridges

Step 4 Maths


  • For this step me needed to provide evidence of how the children used their maths skills.

Please click the links below for evidence of how Ms Heffernan’s class created a maths trails based around our very own school environment here in Monagea NS

Monagea Maths Trail Powerpoint

2nd Class Maths trail 

  • All classes in our school took part in maths week. Here are some photos of various classes taking part in maths week activities/events in the school.

Maths fun in 6th class. Lots of team work and fun playing Fraction Bingo, Place Value games and Tables games.

abc d e f h i j



Maths Week 2016 is in full  swing here at Monagea National School. Here are some moments captured by Ms Daly’s maths groups.

Here are Ms Heffernan’s  2nd class group playing ‘Go Fish’, ‘Dominos’ and ‘Three in a Row’. Who knew maths could be such fun?

claire-1 claire-3 claire-4 claire-5 claire-6  claire-8


Maths Week Activities in Ms Collins’ Senior Infants Class

img_3996-1 img_3997-1 img_3998 img_3999-1 img_4001 img_4003

  • In Step 1, lots of our classes used graphs to illustrate the results of their science experiments.

Step 5 Stem Showcase

Below is photographic evidence of the children in 5th and 6th classes visiting 4th class showcasing a power point they created of their experiment from the environmental awareness and care strand.

Below are photographs of 6th class children presenting powerpoints to 2nd and 3rd class, outlining a trip  to a local recycling centre that they visited as a part of Step 3 – investigating engineering in the local area.

Cathal and Connor 6th class students from Mrs Collins’ room went to 3rd class to show their experiment. They told them their aim, materials needed, method and results.


Below Ronan and Jennifer visited 2ndand 4th /5th classes to outline the experiment 5th and 6th classes carried out for part 1.


Below are recounts of the children’s visits to other classes to showcase the findings of their experiments.