Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Policy


A holistic and healthy environment is essential for maintaining and protecting children’s health, for ensuring they perform to their full potential during the school day (both academically and physically) and for good dental health, mental health and optimal in growth and development.



Our aim is to help the students develop a healthy lifestyle that, we hope, will continue into adulthood.


Benefits of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Helps young people develop, grow and do well in school.
  • Encourages the development of self-esteem and a sense of self-worth.
  • Prevents childhood and adolescent health problems such as obesity, eating disorders, tooth decay and anaemia.
  • May help prevent health problems in later life, including heart disease.
  • Developing good eating habits at a young age is vital as changing patterns in adulthood can be very difficult.


Healthy Lunch Policies:

A healthy diet is one that allows for a balance of different foods that sustain the wellbeing of the individual.  Different lifestyles result in different dietary needs and individuals need to be aware of the effects of different foods on their bodies.  In Monagea N.S. we are implementing a healthy lunch policy to encourage the children to have a suitably balanced diet.

  • The following foods may be included in lunches/snacks: Sandwiches, fruit and vegetables, yoghurt, cheese, soup, crackers and plain biscuits.
  • Energy drinks, fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets, chewing gum, and chocolate are not allowed.
  • Food with artificial additives or high sugar content i.e. cereal bars, fruit roll ups (winders etc.) will be discouraged.


Roles and Responsibilities:

Role of Parents;

  • Provide a healthy, well balanced lunch for children
  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Inform the school of any child’s special dietary needs


Role of children;

  • To help make their lunches and remind parents of the Healthy Lunch Policy
  • To eat their lunch
  • To bring home any uneaten lunch


Role of school;

  • To promote and encourage healthy eating
  • Teachers will teach lesson on healthy eating as part of the SPHE and Science curriculum



This policy will be referred to at the beginning of each school year.


A copy of The Healthy Food Pyramid will be on display in every classroom and will be referred to regularly.


As part of the Science and Social Personal and Health Education curriculum, teachers will teach lessons on healthy eating.



This policy was ratified by The Board of Management on 17/02/2014