Job Sharing Policy

Monagea National School Job Sharing Policy: Teaching Staff

Introductory Statement: A review of Monagea National School’s Job Sharing Policy was undertaken by a Policy Committee comprising of staff, parent and BOM members during the 2015-2016 School Year. The review was deemed necessary to keep up to date with relevant Department of Education and Skills’ Circulars, to take account of Board of Management decisions and to consider the effectiveness of the existing procedures with regard to the operation of Job Sharing Schemes within the school. The finalised Policy was reviewed and ratified by the Board of Management at its Meeting on ______________________________2016.

Relationship with School Ethos: This Policy seeks to compliment the school ethos of nurturing the full potential of all who work and learn in our school community in a positive, inclusive, safe and happy environment.


  1. To ensure that all the stakeholders (Staff, Board of Management and Parents) are aware of the Policy and of the procedures and structures in place facilitating the smooth operation of Job Sharing in Monagea NS.
  2. To involve representatives of all stakeholders in the Review of this Policy.
  3. To facilitate the smooth operation of the school whilst Job Sharing Schemes are in operation in the school.
  4. To inform staff members of what is expected of them if/when engaged in a Job Sharing Scheme.
  5. To facilitate the on-going smooth and orderly operation of the Job Sharing Schemes.

Procedures/Guidelines: In drawing up this Policy, the relevant Circulars from the Department ofEducation and Skills (DES) were consulted to provide guidance in relation to all matters pertaining to Job Sharing in Monagea National School, and to ensure that the Policy was in compliance with DES Guidelines. All persons wishing to apply for Job Sharing are expected to familiarise themselves with the details of the Job Sharing Scheme as outlined in all relevant Circulars from the DES (See, which Circulars are subject to review by the DES from time to time. This Job Sharing Policy should be read and understood within the context of all current, relevant DES Circulars. The Policy is specific to the needs of Monagea National School. In framing the Policy on Job Sharing, the welfare and educational needs of pupils took precedence over all other considerations.

  1. Eligibility:

1.1 All permanent teachers employed in Monagea National School with at least two years service in a permanent capacity, are eligible to apply for Job Sharing with the exclusion of the Principal (the importance of the leadership function of a Principal precludes this role from being shared) and Teachers on Probation/Induction.

1.2 There is also a provision for a job-sharing arrangement involving permanent teachers and temporary

teachers in cases where no permanent teacher was available to job-share in the teacher’s own school. In addition to the conditions which apply in the case of the general job-sharing scheme, the arrangement is subject to the following conditions:

  1. a) the arrangement would apply for one school year;
  2. b) the temporary teacher would be a fully qualified, probated, Teaching Council registered, Garda vetted primary teacher with at least two years teaching service in the past;
  3. c) the temporary teacher would commit to the Job Sharing Scheme for the duration of the full school year;
  4. d) if, for any reason, the temporary teacher left the Job Sharing post, the permanent teacher would return to his/her teaching post on a fulltime basis immediately.

1.3 Teachers who are currently on secondment or are going on secondment cannot Job Share for the duration of the secondment. However, a teacher on a Career Break, Secondment, or other approved leave of absence may apply to resume teaching duties on a Job Sharing basis.

  1. Number of Teachers to be involved:

2.1 In the normal course of events, the maximum number of teachers that will be involved in Job Sharing arrangements in Monagea National School in any one school year is two. However, the Board of Management may, at its absolute discretion, consider increasing this maximum figure should circumstances arise which might justify same. In this regard, the Board of Management will have regard to the total number of applications to the BOM in any School Year for Career Break, Job Sharing, Secondment, Teacher Exchange, and other forms of long-term leave as allowed by the DES.

2.2 It should be noted that the Board of Management is under no obligation to approve Job Sharing arrangements and may as it sees fit refuse some or all applications at its absolute discretion.

  1. Duration of Job Sharing Arrangement:

3.1 The minimum period for which a Job Sharing arrangement may occur is one full school year.

3.2 However, the Board of Management reserves the right to review and – if deemed necessary – to terminate a Job Sharing arrangement during a school year if the Board decides that the arrangement is not operating in the best interests of pupils. At the time of his/her appointment, the temporary (Fixed Purpose) replacement teacher will also be made aware that his/her appointment shall be terminated if the Board decides that a Job Sharing arrangement should be terminated in the best interests of the pupils.

  1. Applying for Job Sharing:

4.1 Teachers wishing to Job Share should submit a written application together with a Plean Oibre to the Board of Management before 1st February of the preceding academic year. Teachers already engaged in a Job Sharing Scheme must also abide by this requirement on an annual basis.

4.2 The Plean Oibre must address in an appropriate manner the following issues: the need for continuity, the need for planning for an agreed methodology, and an agreed approach to disciplinary matters. It should also provide for the use of the combined talents of both teachers as well as assigning responsibility. The Plean Oibre should comply with School Policies as outlined in the Plean Scoile. The Plean Oibre should outline the frequency of out-of school meetings/communications between the applicants to plan and discuss their work. The Plean Oibre should also address the need for continuity in the case of brief absences (as Job Sharing teachers cannot substitute for each other). Plans, profiles, record keeping files etc should be made available for substitute teachers. The Plean Oibre should also outline the availability of the teachers for relevant Staff Meetings and for relevant meetings with parents (Information Meetings, Parent/Teacher Meetings, etc). The Principal will be centrally involved in all stages of the planning of the Job Sharing arrangement, including the preparation of the Plean Oibre.

In considering applications for Job Sharing, the Board shall satisfy itself that the Plean Oibre adequately addresses all of the key issues outlined above.

4.3 The above will also apply insofar as appropriate to Special Education Team (Resource Teachers, Learning Support and Language Support) teachers involved in Job Sharing.

  1. Approval of a Job Sharing Arrangement

5.1 The Principal will be required to appraise the Board of Management in detail regarding a proposal to Job Share. Specifically, the Principal will be asked to outline for the Board the extent to which the two proposed Job Sharers are compatible, co-operative, flexible, and complement each others skills and professionalism; the levels of organisational and communication skills displayed by the proposed partners, as well as their attendance records.

5.2 The Board shall assess each Job Sharing Application in accordance with the guidelines set out in the relevant DES Circulars and in accordance with the terms of this Policy, and shall give its formal decision in writing to the teachers no later than 1st April of the same year. In the event of applications being received in excess of the number of Job Sharing places available in any school year, the Board of Management will adjudicate on the matter by means of interview and by reference to criteria to be notified ahead of interviews.

5.3 The Board is required to inform the Department of Education and Skills of all approved Applications for Job Sharing the date as set out by the DES in that particular year. All Job Sharing Applications will be subject to the final approval of the DES.

  1. Class Levels/Teaching Duties:

6.1 In deciding the Class Levels/Teaching Duties which may involve a Job Sharing Scheme, the welfare and educational needs of pupils take precedence over all other considerations.

6.2 Special account must be taken of pupils who might be regarded as vulnerable or having special needs.

6.3 Job Sharing will be considered only in relation to classes from First to Sixth inclusive. In addition, applications in the areas of Learning Support, Language Support and Resource Teaching will also be considered by the Board of Management.

6.4 The allocation of Classes/Teaching Duties must take account of Job Sharing applications and remains the absolute prerogative of the Principal 7.

7.1 The Board is prepared to endorse either of two timesharing options only, namely the week on/week off and split week options.

7.2 Once a Job Sharing Scheme has commenced, the Board – and particularly the Principal – is required to ensure that detailed short-term planning occurs between the partners. Record keeping is highly significant and an essential feature of Job Sharing, the monitoring of which is the responsibility of the Principal. Job Sharers are required to maintain a diary or pupil profile in which records of progress and important events should be noted.

7.3 Job Sharing Teachers are required to be available for all relevant Staff Meetings and relevant Parent/Teacher Meetings.

  1. Parental Involvement:

8.1 The parents of the class (es)/pupils involved with a Job Sharing Scheme will be informed at an appropriate time that their children will be taught by Job Sharing Teachers in the following School Year.

In the case of a Mainstream Class, this will normally happen in Term 3, by means of a letter to parents advising them of the decision and inviting them to attend at a Meeting in the school if they wish to have further information/clarification regarding the Job Sharing Scheme (Teachers whose Job Sharing Applications have been approved by the Board are required to attend such a Meeting).

8.2 In the case of Learning Support/Language Support and Resource Teaching, parents will normally be informed at the beginning of the school year to which the Job Sharing Scheme applies when the pupils concerned have been identified as meriting access to teachers of the Special Education Team.

  1. Resignation while job sharing

9.1 The minimum period of a Job Sharing arrangement is one full School Year. Therefore, a teacher cannot resign from a Job Sharing arrangement to return to teach full time in his/her school during the course of the School Year.

9.2 A Job Sharing Teacher who wishes to resign from his/her teaching post (as opposed to resigning from their Job Sharing arrangement) must give the Board of Management (or Boards of Management where an Inter-School Job Sharing Scheme exists) notice in writing in accordance with the teachers’ terms of employment. The remaining Job Sharing Teacher must seek another permanent teacher to job share with or alternatively must resume full time teaching. The temporary replacement teacher should also be made aware that his/her appointment shall be terminated arising from the resignation of one of the Job Sharing Teachers.




  1. Appointing a Replacement Teacher

10.1 Once a Board(s) approves a Job Sharing arrangement any consequential vacancy which arises in the school will be filled in a Temporary (Fixed Purpose) capacity with a fully qualified teacher subject to the requirements of the Rules for National Schools.

10.2 An exception arises in the event that one of the Job Sharers has been placed/is due to be placed on the panel for redeployment. In this instance, he/she may defer his/her panel rights to engage in Job Sharing.

However, a consequential vacancy will not arise in this case.

  1. Position regarding attendance at In-Service Courses (including Curriculum Courses), ‘Croke

Park’ Days/Hours, School Planning Days and ‘Extra Personal Vacation’ (EPV) Days:

11.1 Job Sharing Teachers who attend In-Service Courses/School Planning Days on days they are not due to teach shall be granted leave in lieu of such Courses/Planning Days or be paid at the full time rate of pay in respect of the In-Service Course Day(s).

11.2 A letter from the BOM Chairperson or Principal Teacher confirming attendance at the In-Service Course/School Planning Day will be submitted to the Primary Payments Section of the DES. The teacher should also notify Primary Payments Section whether s/he wishes to take a day’s leave-in-lieu or payment for the In-Service Course/School Planning Day

11.3 A substitute teacher may be appointed in respect of leave in lieu days and be paid for by the Department. Job Sharing Teachers may not substitute for themselves during the days leave in lieu.

11.4 Teachers involved in a Job Sharing Scheme may take 4 EPV (‘Course’) Days between them in one school year.

11.5 Attendance at Croke Park hours should be divided evenly amongst the two teachers. The job sharing pair are obliged to keep each other informed as to what decisions and actions were decided on at the Croke Park meetings. The principal must be satisfied that this collaboration is taking place.

  1. The arrangements and requirements regarding the following issues/responsibilities are outlined in current, relevant Circulars from the DES. These Circulars should be consulted by teachers interested in becoming involved (or already involved) in Job Sharing Schemes to ensure clarity of understanding regarding same:
  2. a) Posts of Responsibility and Job Sharing;
  3. b) Resuming Full Time Teaching;
  4. c) Payment of Salary on Resumption to Full Time Teaching;
  5. d) Position regarding Reckoning of Service and Seniority for Job Sharing Teachers;
  6. e) Leave Entitlements;
  7. f) Bereavement Leave/ Leave to Look after Sick Relative;
  8. g) Sick Leave;
  9. h) Maternity/Adoptive Leave/Parental Leave;
  10. i) Outside Employment;
  11. j) Superannuation.
  12. Supervision:

13.1 Job Sharing Teachers shall engage in Supervision Duty with both teachers sharing one post. The temporary (Fixed Purpose) teacher may be entitled to payment for Supervision Duty once he/she undertakes to perform the duties, subject to DES Circulars and Directives.

Roles and Responsibilities:

It is the responsibility of all the stakeholders (staff, parents and BOM) to familiarise themselves with the terms of this Policy and to contribute positively to its on-going implementation within the school setting.


This Policy is subject to evaluation/review on an on-going basis and amendments may be made to the Policy in light of

  • Feedback from the stakeholders.
  • The efficient and smooth operation of Job Sharing Scheme(s).
  • Benefits to the school arising from the implementation of the Job Sharing policy.
  • Revised/New DES Circulars and Guidelines.

Ratification and Communication

A copy of the draft Job Sharing Policy was made available to all members of staff and to the Board of Management. The suggestions/proposals arising were considered by the Policy Committee in finalizing this Policy. The Policy was subsequently reviewed and ratified by the Board of Management at its Meeting on_______________________.

Subsequent to BOM ratification, the Policy was made available by e-mail to all teaching staff members.

Parents were made aware of the existence and availability of the Policy by means of Family Note and this Policy is also included on the Monagea National School Website

Implementation Date:

Implementation of this Job Sharing Policy shall commence with effect from 4th April 2016.

Signed: ………………………………….. Dated: ____________________________.

Pat Harnett, Chairperson of the Board of Management.