March 2017

School Community Newsletter March 2017


SSE Airtricity: The school has received a grant of 3200euro from the Community Fund to replace internal doors in order to increase insulation in the classrooms.


School Extension: Funding has been received to build 3 classrooms and an office and it is hoped building will commence in the month of April. The plans for the school extension are available for your viewing on the school website


Policy Review: The whole school curricular plans for RSE/SPHE, have been reviewed by the teaching staff in consultation with the BOM. These are now available on our school website and have been emailed to all parents. The RSE Policy now contains the very specific anatomical language that is to be taught as a part of the National Curriculum for SPHE. This is not new language, it is just being highlighted very clearly in our policy. RSE lessons are taught in Junior Infants, first class, third class and fifth class. The Stay Safe Programme is being taught in Senior Infants, Second Class, Fourth Class and Sixth Class in February and March each year. This is compulsory for all primary schools and is required to be taught in order for us to meet our Child Protection responsibilities, for which we are accountable to the Department of Education and Skills. Please contact the school if you have any queries relating to this.


Summer Works Grant: The BOM have applied to have the school toilets replaced. We are hopeful to hear of the outcome of that application in the coming weeks. If it is granted the school toilets will be replaced over the summer holidays.


ICT Grant: The school have received an ICT grant of 5400euro to upgrade interactive whiteboards and staff computers in the school. The DES has said that similar grand aid will be supplied over the coming 3 years. This is very welcome as we would like to make more computers/tablets/computer software available for the children’s use.


Attendance:  September 95.8%, October 96.8%,  November 95.8%, December 92.1%, January 95.5%,  February 94.5%


School Tours:


Class Date Venue Cost (incl bus)
Junior and Senior Infants 26/6/2017 Crag Cave 12 euro
First Class 16/6/2017 Wetlands, Tralee 17 euro
Second Class 22/6/32017 Active Kingdom, Tralee 29 euro
Third and Fourth Class 23/6/2017 Bunratty 18 euro
Fifth and Sixth class 27/6/2017 Active Kingdom, Tralee 28 euro

You will receive an epayment link via email and text message for the cost of the school tour.


Parents’ Association: Thank you to our Parents Association for organising upcoming school dance being held to raise funds for the resurfacing of the remainder of the school yard and replacement of the school gate. We are very grateful for the hard work and dedication of our Parents’ Association.



Maternity Leave: Avril Daly will assume the role of Acting Principal while I am on maternity leave which will begin on 24th April 2017. Maria Collins will take on the role of Acting Deputy Principal during this time. I wish them both the very best of luck in their roles.


Gymnastics/Kangoo: Gymnastics will commence after the Easter Holidays at a cost of 4.50euro in total for the 6 weeks. You will receive an epayment text closer to the time. Prices and dates for kangoo in the final term are yet to be finalised.


Warm Regards,


Ciara Fitzgerald



School Principal