Newsletter June 2016

Chairperson- Tom Scanlan

Treasurer – Patricia Hunt

Secretary – Breeda Downes O’Riordan


Parents association newsletter June 2016


 Greetings from everyone involved with the parents association, we are delighted to be able to submit a newsletter this year.  We have had an incredibly busy year as you will read below.

The parent’s association is made up of parents; regular parents like you and me, who have an interest in providing the best for their children in the school environment. Our role is to assist the school is every way possible, mainly through fundraising.

We meet the first Wednesday of every month and we encourage everyone to attend.  These gatherings are vital for us as parents to find out what is going on in school and it is a lovely way to meet other parents.

After a decline in numbers, this year saw a big increase in attendance.  We are delighted and thankful to everyone who comes along and of course to those of you who give up your valuable time to help out at different events.

Huge planning, time and effort goes into all these events and it could not be done without you. We ask all parents to please make an effort to attend these meetings, it’s in the interest of all the children.

Below are some of the improvements which have been put in place over the year and some of the work involved in funding these projects.


TRAFFIC PLAN                              

Traffic volumes have increased every year in our school and after consulting with the Gardaí and school board it was decided to put a traffic plan in place.
We have a drop off area to the left of the school, and to the right hand side a safe area for our buses to pull off the road and leave out the children.
If people wish to walk their children to the gate they need to park in the community centre and walk across the pedestrian crossing.
This was the safest solution that could be achieved for our children.


At the beginning of the school year, an issue on safety and security was raised with regards to the height of the school wall at the front of the school.  After discussions with teachers, the Board of Management and the Parents Association it was decided that a higher wall or a fence should be placed at the schools entrance.

Due to cost, the fence was the selected as the desired option and this project was kicked off in February.  A new fence was erected at the entrance to the school and was funded by the Parents Association.  It has been put in place to ensure the safety of all pupils and future pupils of the school.   It is an extra security measure which has been welcomed by both staff and parents.


Last summer it was decided to lay a new section of tarmac in the back yard so it could be utilised as a soccer pitch for the boys and girls.

The basketball ball yard in front had been used for both soccer and basketball and with increased numbers overcrowding was an issue.  This new pitch has been of great benefit to the children and they are getting great use from it.
The children now have their very own “Aviva stadium” in Monagea.

This was funded by the parents Association at a cost of over €7,500.




During the school term the school purchased 16 I-Pads and 6 laptops which both the staff and pupils now avail of.  The IT facilities in the school were outdated and in need of an upgrade.

The Parents Association funded the purchase of this IT equipment to the value of €6,000 and the I-pads and laptops have been used extensively by our children throughout the year.






The school Halloween disco, hosted by the Parents Association was a very enjoyable afternoon, thanks to all who helped out on the day.  The children danced the afternoon away and received refreshments and treats.  A great day was had by all.



Santa came to visit the school in mid-December with special help from the NCW fire brigade as his sleigh was temporarily detained in customs.

He visited all the classes from junior infant’s right up to 6th class and got a huge welcome.

The Children sang him Christmas songs and Santa rewarded them with drinks and crisps.

Everyone from teachers, staff and children thoroughly enjoyed his visit.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved from school staff to NCW fire brigade.



The annual school Christmas concert was a great success again this year.  Under the excellent guidance of Katie Upton, along with huge support from the teaching staff, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It is one of our main fundraisers every year. Over the three nights it raised €4180 for the school.

We would like to thank all who donated spot prizes.

After a lot of organizing our first school dance went ahead on the 11th March.

We had a great night of music from Michael Collins and his band. A lot of work was done by the committee leading up to this event to ensure that that it ran smoothly and was a great success.
Over €5000 was raised for the school and all who attended had a very enjoyable night.

A big thank you to the parents who were involved in this event and a big thank you to all the families and local people who supported this event.

A special thanks to John Flavin for the signed Limerick U21 jersey as a raffle prize on the night and to all the people and businesses that supported the event with some great raffle prizes.
A special mention to Pat Enright for his great work in selling the dance tickets.
We hope the dance will become an annual fundraising event for the school.



A large number of family members turned up to support the kids for the sports day and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day.
The entrance fee at the gate was used for the purchase of medals and the hire for bouncing castles (€600). The children really enjoy this day .They spend the morning at the school playing games and on the bouncing castles and then headed to the GAA field for the races around 1pm.
Next year it is hoped that we might add in a few different events to our sports day, weather permitting and the availability of parents to help with events.

Ciara has promised us a teacher’s race so we are going to hold her to that. A parent’s novelty race has also been mentioned.
Big thanks again to the parents who helped on the day, the teachers ,Mary King ,Pat  Enright and Patsie Dore  who put a lot of work into the day also.
Also thanks to all who gave very generous spot prizes.

Each child in the school received a medal for participation. Everyone was a winner on the day!!



A good crowd turned out for the annual school walk through the Demense which was held on Sunday 12th June.  Not all monies from the walk have been collected as of yet, but to date it has raised €2,000.

The Proceeds from our annual school walk goes towards the costs of the books for the book rental scheme.

This is a very important fundraiser as it helps to reduce the costs the school charges for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class in the book rental scheme.

Only for the monies raised in the school walk we would be unable to help the school provide this facility.

We would like to thank all the parents for their financial support to help make the book rental scheme available to us all.





Monagea National School Parents Association had another successful year of fundraising.  Thanks to all the parents and grandparents and family members who contributed so generously.
The clothes collection raised 330 euro. We hope to do this again next year and appreciate all donations of used clothes.


A coin collection was another first for our school this year. It was an idea that a parent mentioned at one of our monthly meeting and to our amazement it brought in €660.


Another suggestion by a parent at one of the monthly meetings was to approach Tesco supermarket and get Monagea School listed as one of the charities for the token collection that continually runs there.  €292 was raised from this collection.


The Annual Church Gate collection was held on the 4th & 5th of June and raised a total of €337.  A big thanks to all parents who helped out on both days





  • The fence and gate to be finished at the front of the school during the summer holiday period
  • Basketball area to be re-surfaced over the holiday period also
  • Front wall to be painted
  • Permanent bollards to be erected at the drop-off area
  • Fund primary education literacy boxes, which will be used by the senior classes during literacy hour.
  • Fund the school website
  • Purchase a set of bibs for the girls basketball team
  • Erect a gate at the back of the school leading to the GAA pitch as a security measure


The school year is over again, it seems like only yesterday we were at the hall forming a new committee. It has been a busy successful year in Monagea School, with a lot of fundraising events taken place, as a result we have great work done at the school.

I would like to thank all the parents that attended the meetings during the year and also a big thank you to everyone who helped out at the various events. It was my first year as Chairman and I was hoping to raise much needed funds for the school and also to get more parents involved and to get their opinions on each of the projects that were undertaken. It would be fantastic to see more parents involved so please do come along to the meetings, it makes things easier on everyone and it also allows you to see for yourself the work the Parents Association do.

During the year we have spent over €17,500 on the school and that money was raised by the parents association, so thank you. A balance sheet will be handed out at the AGM in September.

The positive changes we have made in the school could not have been done without the help of parents and our wonderful hard working committee.  I sincerely thank you for helping me along the way.

Finally thanks to Miss Ciara Gallagher who was a pleasure to work with all year, I think Monagea students are very lucky to have gained such an enthusiastic teacher and principal. Many thanks also to all the teachers for their support and a special to Mary King for all her help also.

Enjoy the holidays, it will be September before we know it.

Kind regards

Tom Scanlan

“ní neart go cur le chéile”